Is this an Excel plugin or is there any installation required?

No, these are excel spreadsheets that include VBA and java script.


Can the code be modified or customized to suite my needs?

Sure,  these spreadsheets are open and the code is not password protected.  You can use these spreadsheets as a starting point for your own model or modeling structure.


Is support provided by DerSoft for the TradeSmart product?

The spreadsheets are fairly straight forward and have been tested by many different experts.  This does not mean there is no chance of something happening.  If you experience any difficulty with a corrupt file or something practical let us know.  If you require consultation services to add or develop in addition to the TradeSmart product you will need to contact DerSoft for a block time quote.


Can you let us know if you love this product?

Of course we love good feedback and OK, if you must tell us what’s wrong with our software I guess you can tell us about it.  Seriously,  feedback is always welcome.  We try our best to produce a great product for a fair price so let us know how we are doing.


Is there something that isn’t covered here?

I knew I was forgetting something so send me what question you may have and if a questions keeps repeating it will be put up.