The TradeSmart package is an extensive set of tools for any student or financial professional. The mission of taking something very complicated and presenting it in an approachable simple way has been a lot of fun and challenging at the same time. Dr. Meissner’s, the founder and CEO of DerSoft has used his extensive knowledge from his experience working with derivative products to develop Trade Smart.

TradeSmart is a simple and easy to use package of spreadsheets with source code accessible. Unlike other derivative pricing and modeling software which lack transparency you can use this software as a spring board to developing more elaborate and complex models. You can add your own variables or extend the existing models to suite your needs.

There is no need to learn a new software. We at DerSoft understand that your time is valuable and that a powerful solution that saves you time is the objective. Instead of remaking the wheel TradeSmart provides you a solutions in Excel so you can continue your work in an environment you are already familiar with.

Compatibility: Compatible with PC Excel 2003 and higher and Windows 2000 and higher.